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A close call startled NASA today as someone forgot to flush the null-gravity toilet, resulting in a build up of gas in the airlock that nearly killed astronaut Ryan Stone.

As seen in this live gif from the ISS monitor camera system, the gas exploded outward hitting Dr. Stone with the door. Had she not been holding on tight, she’d have been thrown into deep space without any possibility of return.

Did you just use a GIF from Gravity and make up a story about the main character of Gravity and center it around toilets

I assure you that facts-i-just-made-up would NEVER just make up a story or misrepresent a gif from Gravity as reality. In fact when I informed the astronaut in question about your accusation she literally curled up and cried from the shame:

And then ran away:

She was last seen in this photograph from the Hubble Telescope:

Ignore the text it’s just Hubble Metadata.

I remain proud of this one.

(Source: sezullive)

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